Professional Indemnity for Construction Health and Safety Professionals

We have, for a number of years now, provided professional indemnity cover for various health and safety professionals albeit on a very limited scale.

Following our meetings with Mr Anton Krause of ACHASM, and given the increased awareness of construction health and safety Professional Indemnity requirements resulting from the legal accreditation process we have created a bespoke product for both Construction Health and Safety Agents (Pr. CHSA) as well as Construction Health and Safety Managers (CHSM) and Construction Health and Safety Officers (CHSO) employed within the construction industry.

We believe we have an ideal and unique solution in the form of a hybrid liability cover which incorporates general public liability together with professional indemnity and directors and officers cover. This covers the practitioner on site, in their professional capacity and their company from potential negligence and damage claims.

We have also secured extremely favourable rates although, we must disclose up front, this would be conditional upon a certain degree of bulk take up.

SACPCMP’s approval allows practitioner candidates to carry on working as professionals during the lengthy accreditation process. As a result both the candidates and SACPCMP have an exposure to liability risks where the candidate is negligent and sued.

For most professional bodies’ professional indemnity and liability insurance cover is a requirement prior to accreditation. This is to protect both the governing body and their member’s from potential liability claims which can be catastrophic for all parties.

We do hope you find this useful and look forward to hearing from you.


Given the hybrid wording that we have designed and the possible confusion as to the covers provided perhaps a brief explanation of each will assist.

General public liability

This could arise where physical injury to persons or damage to property results from normal daily activities. For example, whilst on site the Construction Health and Safety Officer knocks an item over which falls on to either persons or property below.

Professional indemnity

Whilst this is very similar to general public liability, the primary difference is that this will cover pure financial losses as opposed to any injury or damage.

Professional indemnity cover is often referred to as errors and omissions cover and, by definition, may even arise where the insured has omitted to do something.

By way of example, the Construction Health and Safety professional could either erroneously advise his client or omit to advise him on a matter which may cause project delay and ensuing financial loss to the contractor despite the fact that there was no actual injury or damage..

Directors and Officers

In the event that any of the company’s directors/managers/officers are sued in their personal capacity for not running the company properly then this policy would pay both the damages and legal costs. For example stakeholders who could hold the management liable include, inter alia, SARS for non-payment of tax and employees who may lose their jobs.