Zakhele was founded in 2016 by Phoenix Risk Solutions (Pty) Limited and the current Directors of Zakhele. The intention was to create economic opportunity for young dynamic individuals working at Phoenix and to support the need of inclusive economic growth for all South Africans.

Phoenix continues to support the infrastructure of Zakhele; it continues to offer technical support as required and the continuous transfer of skills and development to the Zakhele management and staff.

Zakhele Phoenix is a separately registered (Pty) and currently a juristic representative of Phoenix Risk Solutions (Pty) Limited and therefore enjoys all the agency agreements with all insurance companies via the Phoenix Risk Solutions licence.  It is envisaged that Zakhele Phoenix will obtain its own operating licence in due course. Whilst Zakhele has shown good growth since start up (R20 million premium) it is our vision that Zakhele will become the leading majority black owned short term broker in the RSA thereby fulfilling the essential need of inclusive economic growth and meeting the needs of our clients BEE requirements.


Zipho Mquqo (Managing)

Craig Williams

Kruben Walason

Vaughn Williams

Peter Williams (Phoenix Risk representative)

Peter Dollman